Episode 145: Kick Ass Mall Cop Darien Long

The Kick Ass Mall Cop interview starts at 14:30.  At approximately 22:00 minutes into the show Darien "kick ass mall cop" Long admits to making a deal to give 20% of what he makes in donations to the guy who orchestrated the donations on reddit.  Click play above to listen

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Sitting in on the show we have Vic from Corporate Strategy who basically is the guy who comes into companies and tells CEOs to lay people off.  We also have Comic Kristi Harrison sitting in.  @ComedianKristi

We start off the show talking to Vic who works in "Corporate Strategy" He talks about what he does for a living and how he basically makes other people a whole lot of money.  Find out how it works when a company is bought out and Vic comes in to clean up shop.   Better be nice to Vic.

Next up we interview Darien Long who is the Mall cop from Atlanta who Tazed that chick who was giving him lip.  He discusses what he did with the $24,000 he got from donations, what weapons he uses, why he uses certain tactics and what its like to work in those type of conditions.  Dude is pretty Kick ass and isnt taking names.

*UPDATE* Since the show Darien Long the Kick Ass Mall cop got fired from his job at the Atlanta mall and now has been arrested for battery.


Finally we go into Google Glass and and the new Samsung Galaxy S4.  We talk about what Google Glass means to the future of mankind and what kind of uses it can have.