• Millionaire App Developer Allen Wong went from rags to riches with one iPhone app

  • You won't believe what she did on the bus

  • Learn how to meet great women from an expert

    Learn how to meet great women from an expert

  • He lost his face in a car accident...the U.S. government gave him a new one. This is his story

  • Find out what really goes on...behind closed doors

  • In-depth interview with the king of penis enlargement

  • Amber discusses the new space telescope that will be able to look into the past

  • Controversial comedian Yoshi Obayashi discusses his crazy life

  • Creator of the DTP program and personal trainer to the stars.

  • The only make money from home guy out there.

  • Learn what it takes to make it in Hollywood today

  • Stock trading secrets from one of the world's best

  • Openly gay rap mogul with some interesting stories

  • He found love in a war zone

  • Austin comedian Paul Shotwell sits in

The Men's View

This is radio at 1000 horsepower

Ep 210: College Picker In the House

  • College Picker In the House
  • Dizzle asks College Picker about his life
  • Metalhead gets in fight and shows his grim reaper statue
  • The guys annoy Metalhead with penis talk
  • Another rant about Howard Stern
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Ep 209: Tinder dating tips from Wu’s Roommate

  • Tinder boy sits in the studio as guest host
  • Dizzle talks about old roommate Ron Jezzy
  • Find out how to get laid on Tinder
  • People sleeping at IKEA's in China
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Ep 208: YouTuber Terrance Popp Calls In

  • Dizzle is done with hustling used junk
  • Terrance Popp's advice on keeping money safe from women
  • Metalhead always wears same clothes
  • Metalhead hooks up with girl in his van
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Ep 207: Dr Wilson PHD, Metalhead Gets a Creepy Old Van

TheMensView YouTube channel

  • Dizzle gets a shoutout on Joe Rogan Show
  • Rant about how Howard Stern sucks
  • Metalhead was pranked into calling the show
  • We get a tour of Metalhead's house
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Ep 206: Justin Bieber Look Alike Calls In (Later Died in Motel Room)

TheMensView YouTube channel

Wu gives update on the flesh light
Guy that got surgery to look like Justin Bieber interview
Ghetto Wheel of Fortune contestant
Dizzle and Bonafide nude beach story Read more

ep 205: Amateur Porn star comes on to tell us how he makes money

TheMensView YouTube channel

  • Wu's friend's comments after he fucked that FleshLight Live
  • How to make money as a porn star? no studios. Just a good Cam
  • New fetishes! Want to know how you can sells poop for money?
  • YouTube's favorite Meteorologist Frankie MacDonald call in
  • News: Warcraft player died in real life! , VR, Fucking a goat, reading your emails
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Ep 204: Wu makes good on the Fleshlight promise

This is one episode you don't want to miss on youtube...Subscribe and like our show on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/theguysspot

This weeks full episode on YouTube is found here http://youtu.be/rdmDAPLG3UU

- We start off the show discussing Wu using the fleshlight.  We take bets on different categories such as how much will be inserted in there, how long will he last, will he even be able to get it up. We come up with a method to find a winner by writing our names on the side of the transparent fleshlight.

- We interview Robert Patrick Lewis author of "The Pact"which can be purcased on Amazon at the link here

The Pact
"The Pact" combines global politics, combat, economics, conspiracy theories and Special Forces history into one nail-biting fiction work; think Dan Brown meets Tom Clancy meets Red Dawn.  Already hailed as “so realistic and plausible that it’s terrifying,” “an on the edge of your seat thriller that will have you looking in your rearview mirror for enemy troops” and “the next great franchise in the world of military fiction,” “The Pact” is going to change the way Americans look at their government and safety for the rest of their lives.

- Robert tells us how he is able to succeed post military and what it takes for a veteran to do well in society after deployment ends.

- Robert tells us about how the government is getting gun shy on getting terrorists because they get into trouble recently.

- Robert tells us about his real life pact where he has with his military buddies in case of an invasion.

- Paualaconda's girl shows up during Robert Patrick Lewis interview but leaves since we can't get to her immeidately. We bring up Paualaconda's non eistent sex life which makes him whip out his nasty phone and show us some new pictures he has of women.

- The Wu fleshlight segment happens.  Wu goes off to look at some videos on a website to help him prepare for his insertion into the fleshlight.  This is one segment you have to watch on our youtube channel. We all take bets on how far Wu will be going on the fleshlight and write our names on the side.

- Wu comes through like a champ.  Make sure you check out the footage on youtube we have multi camera shots lol.

- The News - The news keeps getting interrupted by Wu updates until he finally comes out to make good on his promise to a listener.


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ep 203: Dizzle responds to Howard Stern bashing podcasting


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- Paulaconda sits in this show

- We talk about Wu going to Houston and Chinatown getting gentryfied in Houston

- Bonafide talks about his trip to Hawaii and how he lived the Bonafide
Lifestyle while he was away.  He brings up his new Bike guide coming up that will teach you how to make money flipping bikes. We talk about what goes through your head while you think youre about to die.  Dizzle talks about the diasaster that was the only time he tried to surf and how he ended up in the emergency room.

- We find out that most of the local women in Hawaii wears thongs.

- Fan emails
- Dizzle goes off on Howard Stern for insulting podcasting and calls him out for acting like he has more listeners than he really probably does.

- We mess with Metalhead and act like we can't hear him

- Metalhead goes hustling and finds a really rare item thats worth a lot of money but doesnt want to sell it.

- DJ Wish gets his equipment rented

- We ask Metalhead what a free fix for a fuck is

- Metalhead goes on a date and goes to a girls house thats covered in cockroaches.

-CMFK catches Metalhead with his zipper down

- News
1. Samsung TV's that listen to everything you say
2. World's first penis reduction surgey
3. Big condoms to blame for STD spike
- We talk about a guy who acts like a dog

ep 202: The Fleshlight Arrives


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- Bonafide is going to Hawaii and we talk about his Bonafide Lifetsyle and how to take ownership of your own life.  We bring up SPIN who lives on the beach on Hawaii.

- We talk about what its like when we get a tweet. We read some listner emails and youtube comments
- Bonafide talks about the American Dream and Dizzle talks about the difference between the last and this latest generation.

- We talk about being overweight and how the grocery stores put unhealthy stuff in certain locations in the store in order to get you to buy them.
- Wu brings up his job and how stressful it is.  Dizzle and Bonafide think that there is no stress involved with his job.
- Dizzle's sister-in-law blows up his septic tank
- Wu talks about compost thieves who steal your compost
- The Men's View Podcast get a special package from a listener.  Yep Wu's fleshlight is in.
- Study about Craigslist and its relation to HIV rates in cities served by Craigslist
- Metalhead calls in with a Gossip game

- The News 1. Conrad Hilton filps out on a plane 2. Workplaces of the future 3.
- CMFK discussion about his fiancee being left at the greyhound station

episode 201: Austistic Internet Weatherman Frankie MacDonald

This episode can be found on youtube at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh71ZBxPMGg
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This week we have Internet Sensation Weatherman Frankie MacDonald call in and give us an interview. The rest of the show is broken down below

- CMFK has been dating a girl but he never goes to see her so Dizzle gets on him about it. Dizzle is bummed out that CMFK rides a motorcycle back and forth to Mexico. CMFK's TV sitting on the floor is compared to his relationship. 
- Dizzle talks about why he quit riding motorcycles.

- Paulaconda lost his dirty phone but already has a new one filled up.  We talk about how his phone is filled with  dirty pictures. Paulacoda goes and gets his phone and shows us new wonders in his phone.
We find out about Paualaconda showing everyone his pictures in his phone at work.

- Paulaconda talks about castrating cows and what makes it so fun.  He says its a power thing.

- Frankie MacDonald Interview. We interview the internet sensation weatherman Frankie MacDonald. We find out how Frankie has been weathercasting and how long it took him to get noticed.  We find out that Frankie has a photographic memory for weather events.  He also makes his weather predictions by studying the data on accuweather.com We quiz Frankie on major hurricane events he gives us obscure dates off the top of his head.  We ask how Frankie deals with negative comments on youtube.
Frankie tells us what makes him tick and he does the famous Frankie dance for us.

The Frankie Macdonald Dance
We end the interview by asking Frankie to be our official Men's View weatherman.
- We read listener email

- Dizzle tells a story about being a sacker and falling in love.
- We go off on Wu on how he is a complete hermit and doesnt contribute to the show.
- We talk about Paulaconda's girl.

- A listener is going to give Wu a fleshlight.  But he needs proof that Wu will use it.  We throw around ways that Wu would be willing to prove it.
- New Prank call
- Wu tells us about his job waking up at 6am to be a line cook at a japanese restaurant

- News: IBM is laying off 430,000 people.  New VR movies coming out on Oculus Rift. KFC has a double down dog hot dog. New Router that will wirelessly charge devices.