• Millionaire App Developer Allen Wong went from rags to riches with one iPhone app

  • You won't believe what she did on the bus

  • He lost his face in a car accident...the U.S. government gave him a new one. This is his story

  • Find out what really goes on...behind closed doors

  • In-depth interview with the king of penis enlargement

  • Amber discusses the new space telescope that will be able to look into the past

  • Controversial comedian Yoshi Obayashi discusses his crazy life

  • Creator of the DTP program and personal trainer to the stars.

  • The only make money from home guy out there.

  • Learn what it takes to make it in Hollywood today

  • Stock trading secrets from one of the world's best

  • Openly gay rap mogul with some interesting stories

  • He found love in a war zone

  • Austin comedian Paul Shotwell sits in

The Men's View

This is radio at 1000 horsepower

Ep 187: Interview with first guy to buy Marijuana in Washington Mike Boyer

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-Paulaconda sits in again and we try to get more info off him about his women. Dizzle checks out some of the videos on his phone.

- Sales calls on your cell phone from call centers

- Dizzle's college job selling long distance

This weeks guest is Mike Boyer he was the first person to buy Marijuana in Washington and made headline news.  He waited in line 19 hours only to get fired from his job.  He comes on to talk all about what happened and what it was like that historic first day.

- Metalhead calls in about his DJ Wish job at another Indian Wedding

- We read the news

1. Cosplay Gropers at Comic Con

2. Underwear Bomber foiled by soiled underpants

3. Man gets his penis amputated while getting a circumcision

- Paulaconda talks about ripping testicles off bulls

- Showering in the locker room in college football

Ep 186 – Paulaconda

New studio

first show back in the new studio

first show back in the new studio

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25% of Bonafide's Book Flip That Sh!t www.themensview.com/flip

- The guys talk about what happened to the show and why it went off the air for a bit

- Paulaconda talks about playing college football and being the only white guy at an all black college.
- Getting physicals in high school and Paulaconda showing his giant hog to the doctor. Dizzle talks about physicals in India.
-What type of reactions Paulaconda gets when he whips out his giant penis to women
- Paulaconda meeting women off Craigslist m4f and his toxic cell phone filled with disgusting pictures
- techniques Paulaconda uses to get naked pictures of women on the internet.
- Dizzle talks about how his wife thinks he was cheating on her because of a new porn site he found.

- KevyKev calls in from the hood of Vallejo CA for the "Ax a black man anything" segment.  If you have any questions for KevyKev leave a comment below or email us at hdizzle@themensview.com
- He answer questions such as why do black people have rims, why do black people sit wayyy back in the seat, and why do some black men give the head nod to other black strangers in public.
- We discuss the Squatty Potty

- Wu agrees to take a peek at Paulaconda and we quiz him on exactly what he saw down there.

Wu takes a look at Paulaconda's giant penis

Wu takes a look at Paulaconda's giant penis

- Tech Expert Jorge calls in with two new products.  One is a app that reads your mind and translates it over into google glass.  Another is a personal robot that follows you around your house and helps.

Ep185: Interview with comedian Yoshi Obayashi

On this weeks show we interview Yoshi Obayashi.
He is a comedian, ex porn dvd editor and all around world travelled guy with a lot of great stories.  You can hear more of Yoshi on his podcast www.yoshididnt.com and find him @twitter @YoshiObayashi‎ and on facebook/yoshiobayashi

yoshi obayashi

Yoshi Obayashi

00:00:00 - 00:10:57 Dizzle and his wife argue about their living situation and moving house.

00:10:58 - 02:07:22 The guest this week is Yoshi Obayashi, you may have heard him on Rogan or various other podcasts, he's an incredibly interesting guy whose former jobs include porn DVD producer and stand-up comic. Yoshi talks about doing comedy in Sweden, traveling to the Middle East, editing porn and much, much more!
-Dizzle tells Yoshi about the Tower of Silence - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dakhma

Yoshi talks about the events leading up to him losing his job at Evil Angel - and he pulls no punches!
-Dizzle and Yoshi compare their experiences of growing up as 'foreigners'.
Metalhead joins the conversation to talk about the time he, like Yoshi, worked in an adult store.
Metal tries to get some advice on his future career.

02:07:23 - 02:22:34 Metalhead is STILL thinking about switching to a healthier lifestyle. He closes out this epic show with the most low energy Gossip Game ever.

ep 184: Health, Wealth and nightclub experiences

- Uglydork.com does another announce

- MMA talk about Jiu Jitsu and comparing it to an alligator in Africa

- Dizzle calls out Bonafide for not beating up people that mess with him
- Stories about Lance Armstrong being an asshole
- Nightclub experiences
- DJ Wish talks about his DJing gig at a restaurant/bar
- CMFK calls in to give us a preview on Paulaconda
- Discussions on longevity, health, and getting in better shape

ep 183: Don’t talk about my momma

- Wu from ep 178 sits back in on the show.  He talks about giving his best friend a wedding gift thats just strange

- Online dating back in the day

- Talking about people that do dumb things in the gym

- Metalhead calls in very angry at Dizzle about last week

- Dizzle talks about having issues with his mom whenever she visits

- Gossip Game

- Bonafide is trying out for a bunch of reality shows

ep 181: Steroids and Testosterone

- DJ Wish is in demand.  We have a fan wanting us to let DJ Wish DJ his wedding

- Dreia's birthday party

- We answer a fan's email about taking steroids

- Dizzle tells a story about getting his prostate checked

- Farting around you significant other

Ep 180: Metalhead is back

- The guest for the week drops out so the guys talk about how they feel bad saying no to people sometimes so they lie.

- Talk about avoiding real estate agents

- Bonafide talks about meeting people on Craigslist and them not showing up and how to handle them

- Dizzle has a story about having a guy drive for an hour fro Craigslist and then not coming out to meet him.  He also brings up selling a giant box of worthless nick nacks to some guy that ends up not wanting them.

- Bonafide's girlfriend gives him an ultimatum

- Talks about aging and the effects on us

- Workout advise and talking about the progress the guy Bonafide has been training has gotten

- Metalhead calls back in finally and is pissed off at the early show

- Gossip Game

ep 179: The Pubic Hair Episode

- Discussions about Kim Kardashian's nasty butt
- Realistic Mannequins at American Apparel that have pubic hair
- Dizzle has a story about checking out his mom's friends old lady pubes in the pool
- Bonafide brings up his friend who dated a girl with the world's biggest bush
- Dizzle brings up a girl he messed around in college who had a full bush AND on her period
- House buying problems. We talk about how houses are getting bid up past asking price in Austin
- Bra's that only open up for true love, Google taking over the world, inflatable motorcycle helmets
- Bonafide claims if his girl was in a car wreck he would hope to be killed in the car wreck with her.  Dizzle flips out and can't believe he would want that to happen.
- Bonafide talks about his days waiting tables and he got asked out by a 7 foot professional basketball player for the Houston Comets

ep 178: Video game tester Wu

00:00:00 - 00:11:02 The guys talk tech, Amazon delivery systems and charity.

00:11:03 - 00:45:50 Fred Wu is the guest this week and he has every guy's dream jobs... He tests videogames!! He tells us about the industry, being in the Peace Corps and the ex-pats in China. Then a crazy story about him getting his ass kicked by 5 guys in China.

00:45:51 - 00:48:16 Metalhead prank calls!! This week, Fake Metal is looking for a job.

00:48:17 - 00:55:24 A bug with Dizzle's phone gets him in serious trouble with his wife!

00:55:25 - 01:13:41 Bonafide's dogs get him in trouble with his neighbours but he still gets fruit as an Xmas present... Is the fruit poisoned? Dizzle is trying to move into Bonafide's neighbourhood. Wu reveals that he's involved in the CRAZIEST sport EVER! http://www.unicyclefootball.com/

This Hardcore Gamer Is Not Fucking Around! http://deadspin.com/this-hardcore-gamer-is-not-fucking-around-1482704208

01:13:42 - 01:20:15 Bonafide Hustler tells a story about his getting hustled.

01:20:16 - 01:27:57 Porn, the internet and fashion in China.

ep 177: First black man to always die in horror movies in hollywood Rick Irvin

00:00:00 - 00:25:18 The show kicks off with Dr. J telling a story about his Mom being on a Christian dating site and meeting a weird guy who wrote a book about who killed Jon Benet Ramsey

This is supposed to be the alleged killer of Jon Benet Ramsey

This is supposed to be the alleged killer of Jon Benet Ramsey

00:25:19 - 01:01:34 Dizzle calls this weeks guest, Rick Irvin, an indie film actor who makes his liviing acting in horror movies. He talks about working with Forest Whitaker and George Clooney and living in Compton.  You can add Rick Irvin's Twitter here @bigrickirvin

first black man to always die in horror movies rick irvin

first black man to always die in horror movies rick irvin

Here is the link to his butt cheek video AIDS video we talked to Rick about.

01:01:35 - 01:20:32 Bonafide advises Dr. J on his diet and weight-loss.

01:20:33 - 01:44:27 The second guest of the week, Matt, calls in to tell the guys about
his most regrettable sexual experience. What follows is a CRAZY story!

01:44:28 - 01:58:46 Dr J tells us about the evolution of computers, how we're becoming more reliant on machines and what this could mean for the future.

01:58:46 - 02:06:32 NEWS ROUNDUP: